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Jumilla Wine


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  1. NDQ Roble
    Red Wine NDQ Roble
    Monastrell Red Wine aged for 4 months in oak Learn More
  2. Vino Tinto NDQ Selección Jumilla
    Red Wine NDQ Selección
    Monastrell Red Wine aged for 12 months in oak Learn More
  3. Vino Jumilla Alceño Tinto Joven
    Red Wine Alceño Tinto Joven
    Monastrell, Tempranillo and Shyraz Red wine Learn More
  4. vino Fuerza 2016
    Vino Fuerza 2016
    Vino de Jumilla con 12 meses de crianza en roble americano Learn More
    Out of stock
  5. Red Wine Juan Gil 4 meses Yellow Label 2018 do jumilla monastrel
    Red Wine Juan Gil 4 meses Yellow Label 2018
    Red Wine Juan Gil 4 months 2018 of grape Monastrel de la Jumilla. Aging 4 months in oak Learn More
  6. Betola The Cat Tinto
    Red Wine Betola The Cat
    Young Red Wine Learn More
  7. Goru Organic 2016
    Vino Tinto Goru Organic 2016
    Vino de Jumilla con 2 meses de crianza en roble americano Learn More
    Out of stock
  8. Goru Monastrell 2016
    Vino Goru Monastrell 2016
    Vino de Jumilla con 12 meses de crianza en roble Learn More
    Out of stock

Items 1-9 of 63

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What to know before buying Jumilla Wine


History of Jumilla Wines

The origin of Jumilla wines must be sought in antiquity, since the remains of Vitis Vinífera oldest in Europe (year 3,000 BC), as well as archaeological remains and utensils have been found. This, coupled with the discovery of ornamentation as an Iberian gold earrings in the form of a grape cluster, has led experts to ensure that winemaking goes back more than 5,000 years.

It is in the middle of the 19th century when the Jumilla wine takes off in a spectacular way due to the phylloxera plague that devastates the European vineyards, in particular the French, which will increase the exports of must to the neighboring country and enrich the region.

The Jumilla Denomination of Origin, from 1966, is one of the oldest in Spain. It is located in the southwest of the peninsula, between the provinces of Murcia and Albacete, in a strip that separates the Castilian-La Mancha plateau and the Mediterranean coastline. It currently has about 25,000 hectares of vineyard distributed between the municipalities of Jumilla (Murcia) and Montealegre del Castillo, Fuenteálamo, Ontur, Hellín, Albatana and Tobarra (located in the province of Albacete).


Characteristics of Jumilla Wines

The Jumilla Wines come from vineyards planted in brown, limestone and limestone soils and, in general, have a great water capacity and medium permeability. These conditions are favorable for the vine to survive in times of prolonged drought. The climate is continental with Mediterranean influences. Low precipitation and extreme temperatures, with cold winters and hot summers.

Talking about Jumilla Wine is talking about the Monastrell grape, the native grape par excellence, adapted for centuries to the soil and climate of the region and which prints a unique character to the wines. They are usually sweet wines, with a lot of fruit, easy to drink and an unbeatable value for money. Wines that in recent years are collecting innumerable prizes nationally and internationally.

The Monastrell strain, the third most planted variety in Spain, gives small or medium clusters, compact, blue-black color, coarse skin rich in anthocyanins, pulpy flesh with little tannins.

Other varieties authorized for the elaboration of Jumilla Wine are Cencibel, Garnacha Tintorera, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot for Red Wine, and Airén, Macabeo, Pedro Ximénez, Malvasía, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel de Grains and Verdejo for White Wine.

The wineries of Jumilla, which are part of the Denomination of Origin, are great innovators in the use of new technologies, but never forgetting tradition and history. However, they are terroir wines that seek the best of the land.

In Jumilla is produced Young Red Wine and Crianza. Crianza wine that is characterized by having a very well integrated wood with all the fruit load that brings the grape Monastrell. It is a tasty, fleshy wine of great aromatic complexity.

There are also white wines, rosé wines and the famous sweet wines. And we should not forget the ecological wines that are being developed, as it is a Denomination that is betting strongly on this type of viticulture.


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