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  1. Vino tinto joven Heredad Bienzoval
    Vino Tinto Heredad Bienzoval
    Garnacha and Tempranillo Red Wine Learn More
    Out of stock
  2. Vino tinto joven Conde de Artoiz
    Vino Tinto Conde de Artoiz
    Young Red Wine 50% Tempranillo and 50% Garnacha Learn More
    Out of stock
  3. Ecce Vinum Tempranillo Joven
    Red Wine Ecce Vinum Tempranillo Organic
    Tempranillo Young Red Wine Learn More
  4. Vino Tinto Tempranillo Finca Resalso 2016
    Red Wine Finca Resalso 2016
    Young red wine 100% Tempranillo Learn More
    Out of stock
  5. Matsu El Pícaro 2016
    Red Wine Matsu El Pícaro 2018
    Toro wine from old vineyards Learn More
  6. Vinos de Yecla La Purísima Monastrell
    Red Wine La Purísima Monastrell
    One of the great wines of Yecla that are being elaborated Learn More
  7. Vino Tinto La Planta Arzuaga 2018 Bodegas Arzuaga
    Red Wine La Planta Arzuaga 2018
    Vino Tinto La Planta de Bodegas Arzuaga. Crianza de 6 meses en roble Learn More
  8. Vino Tinto El Rey del Glam
    Red Wine El Rey del Glam
    Vino Tinto Joven El Rey del Glam. Uva Garnacha y maceración carbónica Learn More
  9. Red Wine Chesa Merlot Cabernet Garnacha
    Red Wine Chesa Merlot Cabernet Garnacha
    Young Red Wine Merlot (65%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (35% Learn More
    Out of stock

Items 1-9 of 198

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What is a Young Wine?

Red wine consumed after its alcoholic fermentation without an aging period in barrels, or aged for less than 6 months, it is called young wine.

Therefore the name young wine only refers to a red wine criterion, which is not related in any way to the quality of the product. On the contrary, young wines available today, are of a very good quality and bodegas(wine sellers) offer these wines among their products. One of these bodegas is Bodegas Emilio Moro, which have achieved a young wine made from Tempranillo grapes, with excellent characteristics.

The different denomination of origin (DO) and DOC, establish the rules which govern red wine and young red wine labeling as such. However, it is increasingly frequent to find young wines that do not adapt or conform to this strict rules of labeling, but they are aged for a determined amount of time, depending on the grape’s characteristics. They are red wines with their own strong personality, such as those made in bodegas Emilio Moro. Regardless, young red wines should be consumed in a relatively short period after they are bottled. That is why having the possibility to buy wines online plays such an important roll.

Quality Factors of Young Wines

Although we identify the quality of wine by its age, this affirmation is not necessarily true. What happens is that young wines are different from crianza and reserve wines.

The quality of a wine depends on several different factors, among them and without a doubt, the the grape’s variety is of important influence, and of course the process of elaboration. Therefore tempranillo grapes are widely used to make these kind of young wines.

It should be kept in mind that tempranillo grape, as well as the other varieties of grape, the nature of the land and soil, the climate or the way the grape is grown, are of critical importance to the final product. They are reasons why there are notable differences among grapes from different regions. This affects the amounts of sugar, tannins and anthocyanin, which results in differences of color and taste of the wine.

In the case of young wines, these differences are more noticeable than in aged wines, these are representative of the quality and the grape variety from the region. The fact that we are able to access most of these wines online, allows us to enjoy the vast range of possibilities offered by these wines.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Young Wines

Young red wines are fresh, easy to drink, primarily with fruity aromas kind of wines. For this reason some wine makers, such as bodegas Emilio Moro have made a considerable effort to achieve young wines of great quality using, for instance, tempranillo grapes. These are products that stand out for their refinements, color intensity, their fruity aromas, for their vast variety of flavors, and for their controlled acidity. These wines are ideal to drink as an aperitif and to pair with meats or fish dishes.

These wines are available shortly after the harvest, so online wine stores become of important value when the wines need to be in the right place at the right time for their consumption. Having the option of buying wines online, has opened the possibility to consume young wines from anywhere, at just the right time.

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"The best wine is not the most expensive, but the one that is shared"George Brassens 

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