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Dry and/or Fruity


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  1. Canals & Nubiola Semidulce es un vino blanco elaborado a partir de uvas 40% Macabeo, 20% Xarel·lo, 30% Parellada y 10% Moscatel
    White Wine Canals & Nubiola Semidulce
    Canals & Nubiola Vino Blanco Semidulce, Vinos del Penedés Learn More
  2. Vino Blanco Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2019
    White Wine Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2019
    Verdejo wine with 4 months of ripening on its lees Learn More
  3. Vinos del Bierzo Peique Godello
    White Wine Peique Godello
    Godello White Wine aged in its own lees Learn More
  4. Vino Blanco Cyatho Verdejo 2019 Vinos de Rueda
    White Wine Cyatho Verdejo 2019
    Vino Blanco Cyatho Verdejo 2019. Vino de Rueda Learn More
  5. Mocén Sauvignon Blanc 2016
    White Wine Mocén Sauvignon Blanc 2018
    Wheat wine made with Sauvignon Blanc grape Learn More
  6. Vino Semidulce Javier Sanz Viticultor 2016 vinos de Rueda
    Semisweet wine Javier Sanz Viticultor 2018
    Javier Sanz Viticultor Semidulce 2018 es un vino de uva Verdejo procedente de los mejores viñedos de La Seca (Valladolid) Learn More
  7. Vino Blanco La Val sobre lías albariño
    White Wine La Val Crianza sobre Lías 2010
    Albariño White Wine aged for 3 years in their its lees Learn More
  8. Nicte Blanco Viognier 2015
    Vino Nicte Blanco Viognier 2016
    White grape wine Viognier elaborated by Bodegas Avelino Vegas Learn More
  9. vino rioja blanco Semidulce La Rodetta AC 2014
    White Wine Semidulce La Rodetta AC 2018
    Rioja Wine semi-sweet grape Moscatel and Viura Learn More

Items 1-9 of 202

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Different kinds of Spanish White Wine

In recent times, white wines have had a noticeable evolution, perhaps due to the quality some cellars have achieved in their products, some Galician wines such as; albariño, Ribeiro DO or the excellent Rueda verdejo, are good examples of said quality.

Therefore, white wine has become a product highly valued by connoisseurs, and has achieved an status that until recently, was only reserved for red wine.

Young white wines are generally made from green grapes of different grape varieties such as; Godello, Albariño, or Chardonnay. White wine varieties depend on the grape used to make the wine, which determines their fruity character, and the fermentation process, which is what determines the amount of sugar in the final product. Based on this, white wines can be dry, semidry, or sweet.


Dry White Wine

Dry white wines are those with an amount of sugar lower than two grams per liter. In their elaboration process fermentation is allowed to completely fish, which explains the low sugar content.

Is important to understand that dry white wines can be fruity or not, depending on the grape variety used to make the wine. Rueda verdejo, for example, is a dry white wine with a strong fruity aroma. However Galician wines made form godello or albariño grapes are dry, less aromatic, and with a lesser fruity aroma.

There are other dry white wine varieties such as those made form chardonnay grape, which are in a middle position among fruity and not fruity wines. For this reason, chardonnay wines are easily liked by white wine consumers.


Semidry White Wines

Semidry white wines have an amount of sugar ranging from fifteen to thirty grams per liter. To achieve this amounts of sugar, is necessary to stop the alcoholic fermentation process at the desired time. There are several procedures that can be followed in the cellar to stop the fermentation process. The most common procedures used are physical, specifically refrigerating or cooling the cask where the wine is fermenting.

Fermentation can also be stopped thanks to the chemical process that occurs when sulfites are added to the fermentation cask Semidry and semisweet wines, usually have the ideal temperature to be consumed, at about ten degrees Celsius or fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Pairing suggestions for semidry white wines include soft flavor dishes such as, pastas or rice with delicate sauces, white fish, and mild flavored cheese.


Sweet White Wine

Sweet white wines are those with a sugar content greater than fifty grams per liter. This means that sweet white wine fermentation, as it occurs with semidry wines, must be stopped before it is completed.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to increase the sugar level in the wine, one way can be, adding unfermented grape must or juice to the white wine. Some cellars that make these kinds of wine, use sun dried grapes to make it. These grapes can be left to sun dry on the vine and delay the harvest, or they can be sun dried once harvested. In both cases, the sugar content can be up to thirty-five percent greater than the sugar content of grapes from conventional harvests. On that account, once the fermentation finalizes, the wine’s sugar content, has reached the desired levels.

Sweet white wines are suggested to be paired with desserts, although they can also be consumed accompanied by lightly salted appetizers.

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“Peniciline cures, but wine makes people happy” - (Sir Alexander Fleming)


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