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Paladar Plus is a company dedicated to selling wine online. The taste for the pleasures of fine dining defended by its director Alvaro Ramírez (VAT 01936104X), was the seed of this initiative; the impossibility to find these pleasures through the common commercial channels, was the spark that lunched it. The colors, smells, and tastes they were searching for, to fill their guests’ glasses, were the reasons that pushed them to begin a journey through cellars from the Spanish geography, where the main purpose was to find products made through artisan processes and were well done, values similar to the way they have of understanding wine.

In search of that quality, the Paladar Plus team has made a catalog composed by wines from small and medium producers, which includes a great variety of styles, and denominations of origin, previously tasted to ensure that the product fulfills expectations. Currently the wine selection includes about one thousand national and international references, which have an unsurpassable price for the great quality offered. In addition to wines, the catalog is completed with other gourmet items, quite suitable to accompany these beverages and delight the palate. Preserves, pates, or semi-prepared dishes, are a few of the delicatessen with which a perfect evening can be accompanied by, or be used as an special surprise that will always be of good use.



In Paladar Plus we know each of the wines we sell and we can ensure their qualities. So you know those qualities, we have created this site with numerous advantages.

>Find unconventional wines, which have been carefully made to achieve a special and different product typical from its area of origin, but with the personal seal from the vine grower. A unique product, and rarely available in common wine shops.

>Very competitive prices, negotiated without forgetting the consumer on each purchase, nor the quality of each bottle; two key elements on which rests Paladar Plus’ philosophy.

>Payment Safety, via PayPal, TPV Banco Sabadell and bank transfers.

>Safety and Speed, guaranteed on all shipments to arrive to their destination in an estimated time of 48 to 72 hours maximum, and a return guarantee in case the product is broken or in bad condition. There are also other advantages such as, free shipment on purchases of 6 bottle batches.

>Personalized Care for our costumers to be helped at any moment they need, through the telephone, e-mail, or instant chat. Channels also used to accurately advise on each individual’s needs, a service solicited and valued more and more every day, due to the wide range of products and situations to keep in mind.

>The possibility to have other services of great convenience, for instance, wedding presents, gourmet boxes and Hotel delivery, might be necessary when buying our products, and they are some of our most noted services.

> We have the Online Trust certificate, that recognizes the quality, transparency and responsibility of online shops, to increase online customer trust when they purchase or surf on the internet. The companies that have said certification, have been evaluated based on a thorough analysis which covers more than 30 points to demonstrate their ethic compromise with good online practices and Online Commerce. Sites with this seal, undergo a system of claims, that acts as a mediator between costumer and company at no cost to the costumer and it means significant savings in resources.



Before starting Paladar Plus, we design our line of work carefully, and we make sure that this is carried out on a daily basis. Our biggest reward has been our customers’ satisfaction and appreciation, we want to thank you for trusting our website and our assurance to continue working as we have from the beginning. We also want to thank the producers with whom we work, for taking a risk by following their instinct and creating great quality wines with distinctive characteristics. Whoever uses our website as a showcase, gives our company a valued guarantee that continues to grow. We invite those of you who have not done it yet, to contact us and let us help you with whatever you may need.



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